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 My Father, "The Miracle Man."

      I called my dad's to see how everyone was.  I knew my dad wasn't doing that well.  The doctor thought he was passing a kidney stone, but he really had double pneumonia.  I couldn't believe that he was so sick.  When I finally was able to talk to him, I found out that he had been admitted into the hospital.  He sounded as if he was really out of breath.  He had a really hard time even talking to me.  He had to war an oxygen mask to help him breathe.  I cried so hard after I got off the phone with him.  I didn't know what to do.  I felt so bad because I wasn't there.
    My step mom really didn't want me to trave to California because he was so sick.  I thought, "What if this si the last time I get to see him?"  I would feel terrible if my dad died and I didn't get a chance to see him.
    My mom and I didn't have enough money to travel to see him and she wasn't sure if she could get the time off.  After she talked to her boss at the city, the city collected money and gave it to my mom and I for the travel and food for the week.
    The plane ride to see my dad seemed to long.  When my mother and I stepped off the plane my step-sister and her husband walked up to us and asked me if I wanted to see my dad.  I said "Yes!"  When we arrived at the car, I was surprised that they were driving my dad and step-mom's car.  It seemed very strange to me.  I've never seen anyone else drive dad's car.
    When we arrived at the intensive care unit of the hospital, it seemed like all of the nurses and doctors were looking at us.  As I walked in dad's room I couldn't believe what happened to him.  I was so worried.  I didn't know if he was going to make it.  As I looked at him, it seemed as if he was in a coma.  He pretty much was; he was not aware of anything that was going on around him.
    My step-sister and her husband spoke to him and tried to get him to open his eyes for me, but he didn't reply.  When they left, I rubbed his right arm.  Suddenly, he lifted up his right arm and I said, "Dad, I'm here.  I'm here dad! Mom! Mom! Come here, look!"  Dad turned his head and opened his eyes to look around.  He looked right at my mom and she replied, "Harry, Jennifer is here!  She's right over there,  Harry!"  And at that moment, he looked over at me and I said, "I'm here for you dad.  I'm here for you!"  We both started to cry.  My mom took me out of ther room because,  I was crying so hard.
    That night when we all went home from the hospital.  I had a dream about dad getting out of the hospital the next day.  When I got up that morning, I told my mom and step-mom about it and they said, "Jen, it's not going to happen.  Your dad is really sick."  I said, "Yes,it will.  I know it will"  The next day My aunt came to see dad in the hospital.  My aunt and I were talking about how dad was.  We all were so worried about him.  Everyone prayed and prayed that he would be all right.  We stayed at the hospital late every night and we were there early in the morning to check on him.  We left occasionally to go for lunch or dinner.
    The next day we all stepped out to have lunch and when we all returned, one of the nurses told me I had a message to call my uncle.  So I did, I went down to the pay phone and called him up.  He wanted to know when I was returning home.  I replied,
 Saturday!"  He said, "Jennifer you can't leave!  If you leave your dad will die!  You should have seen him when you left last time.  All he did was mope around all day and worked.  If he dies, the whole family will never forgive you!"  That reallly hurt me.
    I was afraid that my family would think that I didn't care about my dad if I left.  I told my mom and step-mom what he had said.  They said, "Don't worry about it.  He was probably just drunk."  So, I tried not to let it bother me.  That day, one of my aunts brought my grandma to the hospital.  My mom told her what my uncle had said to me.  She and my grandma were very angry.  They said that everything my uncle said wasn't true because the family loves me.  The would never disown me.  My aunt called my uncle that made these comments and told him not to speak to me like that.
    The next night, my dad started kicking and taking off his device that snapped to his finger or toe to tell how much oxygen you had in your blood.  A nurse came in to restrain him and strapped him to the bed.  I remember him saying to the nurse in a diffrent way,  "You hubba bubba!" In a way that made me mad because I didn't like seeing my dad strapped to the bed.  
    When we came back the next day, he was breathing through tubes connected to an oxygen tank.  He told everyone that he bought a house in Sonora by my aunt and that he would live there with my step-mom and I.  My step-mom tried to tell him that he did not a house, but he wouldn't believe her.  He asked for the checkbook.  When she gave it to him, he looked at it with a puzzled look on his face.
    Later that night, his boss and a co-worker came to visit him.  He kept saying to his boss,  "I'm taking care of everything,  I'm taking care of everything!"  No one hand a clue what he was talking about.  I don't even think he knew either.
    The following day when we arrived, they were getting ready to move him out of the Critical Care Unit.  I was so happy that he was better.  I was so glad that I came.  I don't know what I would have done if I didn't and something serious happened!  When dad got settled in his new room, he was hungry.  He wanted food from McDonald's.  We asked the nurse if we could get it for him. The nurse said he could eat anything he wanted.  We went and got him so McDonald's.  After everyone ate, My step-mom went out to have a smoke.  My dad and I sat in the room talking.  He told me he was sorry he couldn't be there for me through things when I was younger.  I told him everything was all right and it wasn't his fault.  He cried when he said that to me.  
    Finally, the day came when mom and I were scheduled to return home.  We arrived at the hospital in the morning and dad was out of his bed. He said, "The doctor's told me I could go home today!"  I as so happy!  He got out of the hospital about 1:00pm on Saturday.  We went home although he seemed all better, when he went out to the car he fell down because he was so weak.  
    He's doing just fine now.  Now whenever he gets sick he goes to the doctors office, because he never want's to be sick like that again.  He only had a 15% chance of living and he made it through.  Everyone calls him "The Miracle Man."         -Jennifer